10 Tips for Winter Moving

All that snow is great for skiing, but not so great when you’re planning a move. The real estate market doesn’t shut down just because it’s a little cold outside. Buyers can find some great deals during the colder months of the year. And sometimes, you just have to move. Make winter moving a little easier using these tips.

1.Pay attention to the weather.

This should be pretty obvious in the winter, but keep an eye on the weather as your moving day approaches. If it looks like weather will impact roadways or cause other potential delays, express your concern to the moving company. You don’t want your belongings stuck in a snowdrift on the side of the highway. Bring up weather delays to anyone else that needs to know, like landlords or property managers. And if the hired moving company is concerned about travelling on icy roadways, take heed. Better late than never.

2. Turn off your heat

Don’t get saddled with a super expensive heating bill thanks to your move. When the door is open all day long that precious warmth is just pumping outside. Turning it off for a few hours during the move will help save on your heating bill. if you want a warm space in the house, like a bathroom, plug in a space heater and close the door.

3. Take care of your pet

Just like you would in the warmer months think about how the move will impact your furry loved ones. Not only do you want them out of the way, but they need to be someplace warm and cozy. Think about boarding your pet for the day or having them stay with a friend or family member during the moving process.

4. Clear all walkways

Whether it’s a helpful friend or professional moving company protect yourself and your help from slipping while carrying heavy items. No one wants to crack their back slipping on an icy sidewalk. Salt, shovel, or blow any walkways people will be using so they can safely bring your belongings in and out of the house. Plus you’ll protect yourself from a lawsuit.

5. Cheap winter supplies accessible

You never know when you’re going to need that ice scraper or an extra coat. Keep all of your winter essentials someplace you can easily reach them, like in your car. That means snow shovels, layers, salt, scrapers, blankets and towels.

6. Double wrap positions

Cold weather impacts all sorts of things, including your items. Brittle housewares become even more fragile in cold weather. Electronics are particularly sensitive to temperature changes. The last thing you want is to be investing in new plates and televisions because they busted thanks to extreme cold. Consider double wrapping things to provide extra protection or transporting sensitive items in a warm environment, like your car.

7. Protect your flooring

Cleaning muddy, soggy carpets add to your moving expenses. The melting water tracked in from shoes can make hardwoods slick and the salt destructive to their luster. Keep your house clean and protect your new flooring from all those people walking in and out with cheap plastic tarps. Extra cardboard boxes also work great for soaking up the water. Lay protection at every entrance and exits movers will be using.

8. Check the utilities at your new place

Nothing spells misery like moving into a house with no heat. Double check all of the utilities are turned on and actually working before making the move.

9. Have something warm to drink

Be everyone’s hero–including your own–by having something hot and warm to drink. When you’ve been moving things in and out for hours and your fingers are numb, nothing is better than curling your hands around a hot cup mulled cider or cocoa.

10. Being generous

Using professional movers? Moving rates in the winter are cheaper because few people want to deal with cold weather moving. Be generous to the team you’ve hired and tip them well for the extra hassle and inconvenience of dealing with ice, snow, and other wintry conditions.

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